Dr. C. L. Patel
Chairman, Charutar Vidyamandal

Education is said to be the transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization. Since more than six decades of its establishment by visionaries Shri Bhaikaka and Shri Bhikhabhai Saheb, Vallabh Vidyanagar of today seems like fulfillment of Tagor's vision of new India: "The inner spirit of India is calling us to establish, in this land, great centers, where all her intellectual forces will gather for the purpose of creation, and all her resources of knowledge and thought, Eastern and Western, will unite in perfect harmony."

In the seventeenth year of the new millennium, we at Vallabh Vidyanagar, are poised on the brink of revolution. In this world, which moves at the speed of thought, our guiding principles used to change constantly, innovation and up gradation, both in terms of technology for our students and instill in them such high standards of knowledge and discipline that they can face any challenges anywhere in the world. Today, when aspirations are moving sky high and students are constantly challenged by a competitive and dynamic world, we strive to include confidence and competence in our students and equip them to face the challenges for years to come.

I take the opportunity to introduce "G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology" with its inception in 1996. The institute is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University and intends to make everything possible to extend helping hand for the students to get geared-up for the global spectrum in the 21st century, rightly called to be the century of knowledge.