Accredited Programs: Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Electronics & Communication Engineering by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi for two years w.e.f. July 1st 2015.

Accredited Programs: Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering by National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi for three years w.e.f. March 15th 2012.

.: Department of Mechatronics Engg :.

  Just as electronics and computers have revolutionized our lives in a number of ways, so have they revolutionized mechanical and production systems in industries. With the help of electronic instrumentation and microprocessor-based control, these systems are today achieving higher and higher standards of precision, accuracy and repeatability. Also, newer types of machines have been developed in which electronic processes and control play a key role. Application of CAD, CAM, Automation and Robotics have come to play a very significant role in industries of today, and the applications are growing at a very fast rate.

  To train engineers who can design and work with such systems, the basic principles of mechanical engineering, electronics, control and computer soft wares must be brought together. The degree programme in Mechatronics aims to achieve precisely this. The word 'Mechatronics' was coined by the Japanese, more than 15 years ago, since they were the first to recognize the need. Today, Mechatronics programmes leading to undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees are running in major universities of the industrialized countries. In India, our college was the first to recognize this industrial need and we started a full-fledged four-year undergraduate programme in Mechatronics in 1998 with an annual intake of 40 students which has since been raised to 60.