Accredited Programs: Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Electronics & Communication Engineering by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi for two years w.e.f. July 1st 2015.

Accredited Programs: Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering by National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi for three years w.e.f. March 15th 2012.

Department of Electrical Engineering



In order to produce graduates who are "curved for success", the Electrical Engineering Department at G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology offers a student-oriented educational experience in preparation of world class engineers who can address challenges of the industries worldwide.


The mission of the Electrical Engineering Department is to produce graduates who
  • Understand the basic principles that underlie modern electrical technology.
  • Are able to apply creatively their understanding of engineering principles to the solution of problems arising in whatever career path they choose.
  • Are sensitive to the environmental, social and economical aspects in which their work is done, and possess a strong commitment to ethical practice.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

The objectives of the Department of Electrical Engineering at G H Patel College of Engineering & Technology is to produce engineering graduates who
  1. Employ sound principles of Electrical Engineering in various fields like electrical machines, power system, power electronics, control system, etc.
  2. Demonstrate professionalism including continued learning and professional activities.
  3. Work successfully in their chosen career individually and within a professional team environment.
  4. Contribute to society by behaving ethically and responsibly.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Graduates of the program will be prepared to have
  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • An ability to function with multidisciplinary teams.  
  • Ability to explore research methods and hardware as well as software tools to collect technical data, analyze and construe the data resulting in to meaningful conclusions.
  • To work and excel in the core Electrical Engineering areas for analyzing and solving industrial problems.
  • To initiate innovative ideas for bringing out engineering solution for complex problems.  
  • To develop team-spirit and work in united manner.
  • To inculcate an ability to achieve an engineering solution with economical feasibilities.
  • To work with professional and ethical responsibility.  
  • To communicate effectively with professionals in the field of engineering.
  • To develop an attitude of life-long learning.
  • To develop self-confidence for the utilization of engineering knowledge for sustainability.
  • To analyze the impact of engineering solutions on society and environment.