Accredited Programs: Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Electronics & Communication Engineering by National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi for two years w.e.f. July 1st 2015.

Accredited Programs: Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering by National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi for three years w.e.f. March 15th 2012.

Department of
Electronics & Communication Engineering

EC Project Laboratory

Description :  
Specifically designed for project work, be it a part of the subject or regular project. Apart from all project related equipments, it houses the PCB making equipments like Photo DIP coater, Double sided O.V. exposer, PCB Shearing- Drilling-Etching machine, Proto Developer/Stripper, Proto-cure (oven), Dry film laminator, Thru-hole plating system, blower etc. Total Investment: Rs. 7,67,388/-

Physics Laboratory

Description :  
It has Physics kits related to Level I B.E. Physics syllabus like, Ultrasonics, Young's Modulus,LASERS,Optical fiber communication,Wind mill, Solar Cell, Dielectric Constant, Hysterisis Loop Tracer and CRO etc. The laboratory has received a Solar energy Kit from IIT Bombay as a complementary kit. Total Investment: Rs. 7,17,287

EC Computer Center-I

Description :  
The lab contains PCs having Intel Core I5 4th Gen Processor PCs are having 500GB hard disc.The lab is equipped with LSM controller, DSP kits, Labview 8 with NI-Elvis boards, 250 GB USB hard disc and DVD writer and softwares like Multisim-Ultiboard ver. 10, Matlab, MASM, Keil, Quartus-II,8085 simulator, Code Composer Studio, Orcad and Scilab etc.
Total Investment: Rs. 15,69,007/-

Electronic Circuits Laboratory-I

Description :  
Apart from basic equipments the lab has Digital and Analog IC tester, LCRQ bridge and experimental kits like Audio amplifier, Emitter follower, FET amplifier, RC coupled amplifier, Transistor bias stability etc. Total Investment: Rs. 5,11,774/-

Electronic Circuits Laboratory-II

Description :  
The lab has 20MHz CROs and Logic scopes apart from all basic equipments and experimental kits like Phase shift oscillator, LC oscillator, Multivibrators, Wave shaping kits, Wein bridge oscillator, Difference amplifier, Schmitt Trigger, Transistor feedback amplifier, Wide band amplifier etc. Total Investment: Rs. 5,16,100/-

Electronic Circuits Laboratory-III

Description :  
The lab has all basic equipments and experimental kits like Analog system lab kit for Operational amplifier related practicals, Digital Trainer kits on which combinational and sequential circuits are impleted, Digital and Analog IC tester,Colour television trainer for Audio Vedio systems.Total Investment: Rs. 5,42,778/-

Instrumentation & Control Laboratory

Description :  
Some of the highlighting equipments are Agilent DMM, 40 MHz DSO and experimental kits like Thermistor/RTD/Thermocouple characteristics, LVDT, Ultrasonic transducer, Speed measurement using Opto-transducer, Instrumentation amplifier, VCO, S/H and V to F & F to V converter, DC and AC servomotor, UJT/ SCR/ TRIAC/ Cycloconverter/Chopper, PID controller etc. Total Investment: Rs. 9,76,104/-

EC Computer Center-II

Description :  
The lab contains PCs having Intel Core I5 4th Gen Processor PCs are having 500GB hard disc, 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM (2 DIMM Slot, Upgradable Upto 16GB),6 USB Ports (4 Front USB 2.0, 2 Rear USB 3.0) 2 Front Audio Jack, 3 Rear Audio jack (1 Line in, 1 Line out, 1 Mic, 1) 1 VGA, HDMI, with all latest softwares, the lab also has Antenna trainer system, Gun and PIN diode set-up. The sofware installed in the laboratory are Matlab 2014b Version (32 Bit),Orcade Family 9.2 Edition,Scilab 5.3 Version,Turbo C++ 4.0 Version,Numerical Electromagnics Code,8085 Simulator,Microsoft Office 2007 . Total Investment: Rs. 11,25,183/-

Microprocessors Laboratory

Description :  
The lab contains experimental kits like Dynalog/Minmax/Vynitics 8085, Dyna-51/Vynitics 8051 with ADC/DAC/8259/8279/8257/DC & Stepper motor controller/ Logic interface cards, VLSI Altera/Xilinx CPLD-FPGA kits, DSP TMS320VC33 kits, PIC 16F877 kits, ARM7 (LPC 2148) kits, SLK-51 Microtutor, EPROM eraser etc. Total Investment: Rs. 12,47,037/-

Communication System Laboratory

Description :  
HF millivoltmeter, Field strength meter, AM/FM/ASK/FSK/PWM signal generator, Agilent 15 MHz function generator, 60 & 150 MHz DSOs, Spectrum Analyzer are some of the prominent equipments. It also houses the experimental kits like AM /FM/ PAM/PPM/PWM/PCM modulation-demodulation, Super heterodyne receiver, AM DSB/SSB, AM and FM detector, Fourier synthesis, EPABX trainer, DTMF telephone trainer, GSM/CDMA trainer,Fibre Optical Analog Trainer (XL OFC-01), Digital fibre optcal Trainer(XL OFC-02), Laser diode intensity Modulation Trainer (XLOFC-03 ) etc. Total Investment: Rs. 23,77,863/-

M.E. Communication Laboratory

Description :  
Total Investment: Rs. 22, 44,941/-

EC AV Room

Description :  
It is equipped with latest AV instruments like Radio cassette system/recorder, 400W amplifier, 2-way speaker system, General purpose microphone, FM wireless microphones, Extended C band LNBC, 2 LCD projectors. Total Investment: Rs. 5,96,922/-