Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish a platform for the overall development of the student along with there communication skills.They learn not only how to become an engineer but also learn to become whole hearted human being.They are moving from being to becoming and in this path we provide a little light of a lantern through the activities we do.

Our Objectives

  1. To Arrange co-curricular activities like group discussion, debate, elocution etc. and through that to develop communication skills of students.
  2. To organize variety of competition and through that to make our students ready to cultivate strengths for challenges.
  3. To organize workshops, seminars, training programs etc. and through that to enhance the abilities of the students.
  4. To organize extra curricular activities like poetry recitation, theatre activity, music, performances etc.
  5. To arrange study tours or visits and to invite experts and performers for guest sessions and through that to expand the horizons of many fields for the students.